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Play Blackjack Online. Ultimate Player’s Guide

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On our website at Online Casino Crazy, we have provided some tips to modify your Blackjack game. Furthermore, it is important with any land casino or online casino that you understand each game, the rules and the terminology. Therefore, within this page we’ll present the ultimate player’s guide to Blackjack online, helping beginners to understand this attractive and strategic card game. Furthermore, with its simplicity and opportunities for excessive payouts, Blackjack remains one of the most popular table games worldwide. The simple objective is to beat the dealer with the highest set of cards up to 21.

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A bit of History

According to the historical game researcher Word of Playing cards, the origins of Blackjack derive from French Casinos in the 18th Century. Furthermore, originally title “Vingt-et_Un” translating directly to 21. Later on, the game increased in popularity and spread across Europe and to North America via French Colonists.

Interesting Historical Fact: The Spanish version (Trente-un) of the game was originally called “31” where the player’s aim was to reach 31 with a minimum of three cards.

The Rules of Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game with a set of rules that must not only be abided by the players; but also the dealer. Simply the aim is to get a hand with the value closest to 21, beating the dealer and never exceeding. Additionally, when you’re playing live blackjack online, as opposed to poker games you’re playing alongside others rather than against them. The overall aim, as with all casino games is to beat the house. Differently, when playing in land casinos communication between players is crucial, however, it’s always important to play your own game, without taking too much influence from others.

Making the Count

Blackjack is played with a full deck of 52 cards. Although, some land and online casinos will use 2 decks of cards so it’s important to count duplicates whilst playing for longer periods. We’ll start off simply. The number cards moving from 2-10 equal the number on display. Following from these the Royal cards each equal 10 and are always of the same value. There is no ruling that places a King higher than a Queen or Jack. Furthermore, the Aces have two values. 1 and 11. These values can be switched once dealt at the player’s suggestion.

Blackjack Terminology

When you’re playing blackjack it is important to communicate with your newfound peers across the table. Therefore, quite a number of online gambling sites have live chat systems for players to chat and talk blackjack strategies. Furthermore, it is pivotal that you understand the terminology of the game which can sometimes vary based on the format of the game. For instance, some versions of 21 allow players to place a double bet or split bets. Whereas others just pay out singles.

Here is a quick rundown of the basic Blackjack terminology to get you started:

  • Hit: This is the term used when the player chooses to add another card to their hand. For instance, if your first cards are 2 and 3, you’ll want to hit in order to increase your hand’s value.
  • Stick / Stand: When you have finish collecting cards and you’ve safely got towards 21. Now you need to control yourself and avoid going bust. Use the term Stick or Stand to hold onto your cards value. Depending on your strategy, the best hands to stick on are usually 16 upwards. But, it’s important to think strategically by comparing all the cards on the table and the dealer’s hand.
  • Double: Before hitting when you first view your cards, you will have the option to double down. However, with this approach gamers can only take one additional card. The best strategy for using a double bet is if your hand equals to 11.
  • Split: Players are able to place a split bet when they receive a pair (eg. Pocket Aces). This move allows you to double your chances of reaching 21 with 2 separate hands.
  • Bust: The one negative to playing Blackjack is going bust. Simply this is when your hand surpass 21. Therefore, think carefully and observe the dealers hand and the rest of the table. This is especially important when playing live games.
  • Blackjack: The strongest hand on the table is known as a Blackjack. Automatically matching 21 and often paying out immediately, players must achieve any Royal card and an Ace to win.
  • Perfect Pairs & Side Bets: Some casino games have side bet options with slightly higher stakes and payouts. These can include Perfect Pairs, which pays out up to 30-1 when players match two of the same cards.


What to look for when finding the best Blackjack casino?

Furthermore, when you are searching for a new online casino to play blackjack online there are a number of factors to look out for.

  • No Deposit/Free-play options (most casinos have this)
  • Payment Methods, Deposit limits & Withdrawal options
  • Minimum wagers for table games & video poker games (can be as low of $/£/€0.05)
  • 100% Deposit match bonuses minimum
  • Inclusive free spin bonuses on slot games
  • Players only Rewards & VIP Packages
  • Chatroom functionality for players & live dealer games
  • Special Blackjack side bet bonuses such as Perfect Pairs

Blackjack Casinos for European Gamers

When you are looking for a casino within the regulated European and UK markets, the variety of games often include bonuses and high stakes side bets. Such as Perfect Pairs which often pays out 30/1 on the original bet (varies based on the casino). Furthermore, it is important to check the casinos regulation and licensing. Most European and UK casinos are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gaming Authority and the Maltese Gaming Authority.

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Licensed Blackjack Casinos for North American Gamers

In the United States, online gambling is illegal across most of the states. However, there are a few regions where playing online table and casino games have been legitimised. These include Nevada, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The United States and Canadian accessible casinos that we have reviewed such as Captain Jack Casino, Silver Oak and Royal Ace all feature regularly updated coupon codes for use across all games.

Here are the best offers for USA legal customers.

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*Please ensure you are only playing from licensed and legitimate locations in North America. 

T&Cs apply to each of these offers, click ‘Play Now’ for more details.*