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Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat / Punto Banco Rules. High Stakes Casino Games

Baccarat or Punto Banco

To Play Baccarat (Punto Banco) online is as thrilling as playing in the land casino. This game is increasingly popular in Asia, specifically in Macau due to its high stakes and winning possibilities. Furthermore, the game of Baccarat became an elite table game as expressed by Ian Fleming in the James Bond novels & films. The scene of Bond taking on the infamous villains of Spectre in Thunderball springs to mind.

Play Baccarat James Bond

How to Play Baccarat?

To play baccarat online is like playing a condensed game of Blackjack. However, it is known as an elegant, high stake and quick game that’s based on pure luck alone. Therefore, the player doesn’t need to be an expert gambler to join the table. Based on simple maths; the objective is to obtain the highest total from the cards in your deck. The player with the closest hand to 9 wins.

Now, compared to other card games such as Blackjack and Poker the pack values are completely different. It’s important to remember this when you’re calculating the total.

Here’s a rundown of the Punto Banco rules. Often gamers who switch between card games regularly get confused. Therefore, try to focus on one game per session.

The Baccarat Card Deck

  • Eight decks of cards are used during the game
  • The values include Numbers 2 – 9 (respectively)
  • Differently, to other table games, the number 10 and the royal cards equal 0 and the Ace = only 1

How to Bet?

  • The Player has the option to either place a bet on their hand, the Banker’s hand or a Tie.
  • Other side bets are sometimes available, but this depends on the game’s format. These include Player Pair and Banker Pair. PartyCasino & Betway have a large variety of games to play baccarat online when you’re ready to get started. View the offerings below.

The Winning Hands

  • Once all bets have been placed the dealer will place two cards, each to the player and banker
  • The aim of the game is in predicting the hand values closest to 9
  • Then the final hand total is given in single digits, from the rightmost figure. For example, holding two 8s will give you a total of 6 (not 16).
  • 2 Cards are drawn. But if the player has a total value lower than 5 then the player will receive a third card

Taking the third Card

When the Banker takes their 3rd card the rules are slightly different. Hence, why the core strategy obtained by many Baccarat players is psychological, with the aim of reducing the house edge. Similarly, in Blackjack, the decision made by the dealer will depend on his initial total. For example, in some Blackjack casinos, the dealer might choose to stand on 17 or 16, yet in others, they might take an extra card.

Here are the rules for the Baccarat Banker’s 3rd card

  • The Banker will always draw a card if the total is equal to or below 2 or 3. If 3, the dealer won’t take a 3rd if the Player has a score of 8
  • If 4 the Banker will only take a card if the player’s hand has a value between 2 and 7
  • When the player’s 3rd card is between 4 and 7, the Banker will draw
  • If the player’s cards match a total of 6 or 7 then the banker will draw another card with a total of 6
  • The house will always stand at a total of 7

What are the Baccarat Payouts?

To play Baccarat online is an uncomplicated yet exquisite game of chance, with an option to bring the odds into your favour by betting on yourself or the banker. Although there are rules regarding payouts you must remember.

  • Bet’s on the Player will pay out even money
  • Bet’s on the Banker also payout evens, but the house takes a 5% cut
  • Tie bets pay out at 9/1

Betting Tip: NEVER BET ON A TIE. Online and Land Casinos have the advantage on all tie bets with around 10-14%. It is more common to bet against the player and cut the losses on the commission then to completely lose on a tie bet. Yes, it can be tempting to place a bet at such high odds, but with Punto Banco, it’s definitely not recommended.

baccarat tie baccarat screenshot

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